Sunday, September 25, 2005

Learn Everything

I wasn't able to atted the Ottawa festival this year. The up swing part of that is that I was able to attend Stephen Silver's class held at The Entertainment Art Academy hosted and run by Michael Mattesi. Thanks so much to Stephen for taking the time to share his knowledge. He is as enthusiastic about drawing as his drawings look. Completely energetic and passionate. Even though I've been doing this a while, I'll still seek out how other artists will approach something. You can never stop learning. That probably comes from looking over the shoulder of my mentors, as each of them had a lot of unique ideas to share, which, seeing in practice, is priceless. If you live in L.A., Michael's new school is definately worth checking out, and the classes offered cover a wide range of topics.
So, enough already. Follow the links. Check it out. Stephen is thinking of doing more classes, and Mike has too many great classes to pass up.

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Daniel Chappelle said...

Hey great stuff I look at you once a week - Stephen Silver's class is way cool, I hope to attend at some point.