Thursday, September 01, 2005

Links to well known animators.

Hey, I'm really happy to add a couple of well known directors/animators to my links page.
Their work is stunning and I am so happy that they started blogs. Please check their links on their sites, as that will bring you to the work they have done in their respective studios.

Oscar Grillo's work was seen all over Europe and is known for having such a varied style for all of his projects. If variety is the spice of life, then Oscar Grillo is the spice in animation. I was floored by his work growing up. Here's his link. He posts his personal pictures everyday.....
Oscar Grillo

Uli Meyer's drawings are spectacular. Such a wonderful flow through his work. I used to check out his web site for inspiration and was delighted to see that he just started a blog. Beautiful work. I hope to learn from his drawings......
Uli Meyer

enough, I can't stand the gushing. Please, take a look and enjoy.

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