Saturday, September 10, 2005

Log Bird

Back to pencils.

copyright Donnachada Daly 2005
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Amy said...

I absolutely love these doodles! There is so much energy here. I hope you don't mind, I've linked you off of my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, he's funny.
cool donnachada!

donnachada said...

Hey Amy,
thanks for the comments and the link. I really appreciate it. Links are always good.

Cheers Morgan.

Hey Hustle,
thanks, glad you like it. I used a black sharpie marker to draw the bear, and then scanned it in. I used photoshop to add the colour. I haven't learned how to use vectors/pen tools yet in photoshop or illustrator, but that's the next step. I like the look of what you can do with vectors, just need to learn how to do it. I've used vectors in the Toonboom animation program, and that's got a pretty cool look to it.