Monday, September 19, 2005

Tragedy In One Act

A couple of years ago I made an independent short called "Tragedy In One Act".
I did it because I hadn't gone to an animation school and was envious of students having time to produce their own short.
I felt I had missed out on the thrill of just doing it yourself, and finding out all about the trials and tribulations along the way. I used the ToonBoom animation software and found that it was easy to use. It's laid out just like an traditional animator would expect. I was up and running very quickly.
At the time I had finished it, I only got the chance to run it in one festival (The Mill Valley Film Festival) before I got too busy to send it around the circuit.
I should really get it back on the festival circuit. If not, I'll find a way to stream it online.
It's a tragic story of a bunny and his carrot.
Here are some screenshots from the final film.

copyright Donnachada Daly 2005
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Scott Wright said...

I'd love to see it. I'll have to bring in my student film one day...oh the pain....the was a great time.

Anonymous said...

you use wacom to draw it in toonboom?

Unknown said...

Love your bunny!! Love to see more more more!!

donnachada said...

Yup, I used a wacom with toonboom. It worked really well. The lines automatically were made into vectors.

Hey Alina, I'll post some more up soon. said...

:)Your bunny is so cute and he looks naughty :D.. I love the animation!!!!!!I know is a little short but is really beautiful

Eren said...

I want to see this!!

Daniel Chappelle said...

Yes, I want to see this too! I have alway been curious if Toon Boom was any good.

donnachada said...

I try to get this up and running soon, once I decide whether or not to put it back on the festival circuit.
good to know your interested guys.