Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sink (Float part 2)

Don't worry friends, I haven't gone all sappy on you. Just building you up to part two of Float. (See two posts down.)
This is what happened after he dumped her. So sad.

copyright Donnachada Daly 2005
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Elliot Cowan said...

Most women look like this after spending a short amount of time with me.

donnachada said...

Elliot, this made me laugh. I'm sure it's not true. Just show them some of those adorable cute animal illustrations that you're doing right now. Especially the "Ok, one more" one.

MikeS said...

very lovely sketch! i love how you got the integrity of the pose with so few lines!

thanks for leaving me the kind comment over on my blog. It is much appreciated! Looking forward to dropping in more often and see what you have up your sleeve!

donnachada said...

Thanks, Mike, sometimes I try to use as few lines as possible. If it gets the idea across, why use more?
glad you like it.

Elliot Cowan said...

Mate - I cannot name a single instance where drawing cute animals has had any romantic effect on a woman.
Even cute animals covered in blood...