Monday, November 21, 2005

Sexy Girl?

Here's another sexy girl.... nevermind. I told you the theme would change soon. The reason you're seeing this vector work is beacuse I was having trouble uploading certain type of files. Rather than wait to hear back about a fix, I stumbled upon a work around and switched mediums so I could keep posting. I'll get back to posting some sketches soon, but I'm having too much fun right now to stop. All these vector sketches are done straight on a tablet. No ruffs, no messing, and exploring as I'm finding my way through the program. Experimenting is good.

copyright Donnachada Daly 2005
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Elliot Cowan said...

Ahh - the little known pubic monkey.
Very rare I've heard.

Scott Wright said...

Very Cool!

donnachada said...

Elliot, hahahahaha. Yes, an unusual and interesting animal. Rarely seen, but known for leaving strange short and curlys in all sorts of places. Quite a rude species, and never cleans the shower drain.

Thanks Scott.