Sunday, January 22, 2006


A random page of abstracts for Elliot from my sketchbook.

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Tony Grant said...

You know one person in the skectch looks like Barney Rubble to me. Great blog. Come over and check me out let me know what you think

Elliot Cowan said...

That Elliot guy is brilliant!
I visit his blog every day!
Women in particular love him.
They find him strangely alluring.

blabla said...

Your lines are incredibly smooth!
Lovely sketches.

Josh Parpan said...

I'm not sure what stlye I like better..I'll just say there both great!

Stephen said...

nice energy in those gestures!

donnachada said...

Thanks Tony and Drawn.

Elliot is brilliant. Everyone should visit his ite everyday.

Cheers Goro. Love your site too.

Hey Josh, glad you like 'em both.

Thanks for dropping by again Stephen.

Macus Romero said...

wooow! with just 2 lines u can express everything! really cool sketches :).

donnachada said...

Hey Macus, thanks for dropping by.