Monday, January 16, 2006

And More Links

So I can't say how important it is to look at work done in the past an learn from that. Here are a couple of more links of work that I oogle over.
Heinrich Kley, probably one of the finest examples of penmanship around and absolutly one of my favourate artists. (you do have to click around a little on the site to see inside the books).
And there is also this site I came accross recently Paul Giambarba called 100 Years of Illustration, an incredible resourse which makes you want to search more for more work from the artists he has presented.
There you go , have fun. Good studying.

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MikeS said...

I'm a big fan of Heinrich Kley myself! Thanks for the link! I'll check them both out!

donnachada said...

Glad to be of service sir.