Friday, February 10, 2006

Day At The Races

So I've had some really cool comments about the lines in my work. I'm so glad you like them. For me, when I started learning about animation, the way I looked at lines changed drastically. I saw some incredible cleanup work where it completely baffled me how someone could get a jet black line out of a regular old pencil. Not only that, but the lines would be beautiful. Tapered in all the right places. When it was done right, the drawings were stunning. (I've also seen some horrible clean up that just sucked the life out of a drawing). Studying animation, lines of action through a body took over from just seeing the lines themselves. It changed everything. Seeing what was beneath the lines tied everything together. All the little tilts of the head, shoulder and hip relationships suddenly made sense. So even though these physical lines are clean, it's really what I see underneath that ties it together.
I still think that ruffs have so much more life to them. You can't take the animator out of me. What I'm trying to do here is create a ruff with clean lines if that makes any sense. Just concentrating on the bare essentials of what's needed to show a pose.
Enough rambling. Here's todays offering.

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Insertname said...

i dig your approach...

justinpatrickparpan said...

Nicely put! Sometimes the greatest drawings are those quick instantaneous sketches you do in a fraction of a second. They’re messy and crude, but always true and really honest. Love the new one by the way...its deceivingly simple, like always, but really quite eloquent.

donnachada said...

Good to know Simon, Glad you like the way I'm thinking. It means a lot hearing it from you.

Hey Justin, nice of you to say so. Hahaha, unfortunately, these are not done in a fraction of a second. I wish they were. Now that will be my goal.

Claude Richard said...

Very nice design !

Jenny Lerew said...

Oooh--the ultimate distillation! Beautiful. : )