Sunday, February 26, 2006

Party Girl's Friend

The girl in the corner.

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Jafar said...


Great stuff...One of the most unusual blogs, love your soft and cute style of work! I've added you in my favourites, hope you dont mind...and i'll be back for more!!

Take care :o)

Unknown said...

Truly amazing and perfected! I always enjoy visiting here.

James Dylan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.. loving the line work you are putting down. awesome!

MikeS said...

As elegant and lovely as ever, Donnachada, your ladies are wonderful.

Marco Antonio Sepúlveda said...

Muy buenos tus trabajos.
Gran síntesis.


Marco Antonio Sepúlveda

Kipp Schell said...

your blog is awesome! i loke the loose gersture feel to your stuff. awesomeness.

Lee said...

this is awsome, its really hard to get a good form with only a few lines,

Unknown said...

Your lines are inspirational! I only dream of getting to this point of confidence

Unknown said...

simple and elegant!! LOVELY!

Unknown said...

elegant and brilliant, k.i.u.

Elliot Cowan said...

Don - did you note Ghettofabs comment there?
If you've never seen his work it's worth visting his blog.
He is a remarkable draughtsman - one of the finest you'll see round the blogs.

donnachada said...

Thanks all for you support. I am always amazed by the support from fellow artists. Always a good feeling.

Hey Jafar, thank you. Not at all. What a nice thing to say.

Serapio, I enjoy your visits. You are too kind.

Cheers James.

Frank, good to see you like it.

Hey Mike, good to see you. Glad you like them.

Marco, mucho gracias. Palabras buenas de hecho.

Cheers Kipp. Itry to keep 'em as loose feeling as possible.

Lee, rock on.

Mel, your lines are indeed confident. I wish I could paint like you.

Alina,your constant support is appreciated so much.

Thanks Andrea. Excuse my ignorance, what's k.i.u. ?

Elliot, yes indeed, I just found Gettofab's blog a couple of days ago. Lovely stuff indeed.

Cheers Rebbeca. Always glad to see you visit.

Unknown said...

I forged it by myself. keep it up, how about it?, eh?ok, let's call it a nice try!

sam said...

I'm really liking this one. Probably my favourite you've posted in terms of balance of simplicity and communication.

Arioch said...

A great synthesis of the line of drawing! Compliments :)