Tuesday, February 14, 2006


She loves her dog.

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MikeS said...

This has a great nostalgic feeling, 20's or 30's. Very lovely, Donnachada.

Carlos Badillo said...

me gusta mucho como sintetizas la línea, es una linea inteligente,me gusta tu trabajo! felicitaciones!

Eren said...

Oooh and I love her! And her dog too of course. The women you draw are so lovely and timeless!

Macus Romero said...

I love her dog too!! :)

Unknown said...

lovely !! Cute doggy!

donnachada said...

Cheers Mike, that's exactly what I was going for.

Thank you Carlos. I'm so glad I could translate this. Mucho gracias.

Eren, what a nice thing to say!

Hey Marcus, that part was the most fun.

Always welcome here Alina. Glad to see you dropping by.

Mark McDonnell said...

Still at it and lookin' BEAUTIFUL man. Hersey would be a happy man.


Jenny Lerew said...

I love her particular attitude--she reminds me Jean Harlow. : )

donnachada said...

Cheers Mark. Appreciate the comment. Yup, I love his stuff. Who doesn't?

Thanks Jenny. I must drop by soon.

Santy Gutiérrez said...

I found your blog after you posted in my wewbsite, and man, I´m glad I find you!.
I love the glamour you gave to this drawing just with a few lines, you are the master of synthesis! ;-)))
And I also love Molly (the 20's thin girl) beautiful!

Fabio Lai said...

What a elegance! Your line had personality. I'm very impressed.

Thanks for your comment in my blog.