Monday, March 20, 2006

Lost Keys

Well, the weekend haze has finally lifted. Hope you all had a good one.
I added some images to the store. Check out the "Cats" section for all your feline needs. More images will be added soon.

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Carlos Ruano said...

Hey, that's my girlfriend, always searching something in her bag, and never finding nothing. Nice like always my friend

Anonymous said...

Is that a "Grey Cat Messenger Bag" she's wearing? Lovely drawing and great cat merchandise!

R.A. MacNeil said...

Super. Great expression from only four little dashes that make up the face.


MondayMorgue said...

hey, great line of action and idea too.

donnachada said...

Ha,Carlos, yes, I am also familiar with this ritual.

Ryan, yes it could well be. Thanks for visiting the store.

Cheers R.A.

Hey Morgan, appreciate it.