Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Shopping in L.A.

So, now that I have things up and running, back we go to the regular program. Thanks for all the well wishes. Much appreciated.
Now, here's a sight that can be found in L.A.

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Macus Romero said...

I love the stuff u´ve got in your store!! lots of beautiful things..!do u sell them overseas as well?

kaunchen said...

Beautiful lines!!
Cute girl & the dog? Great combination

donnachada said...

Hey Macus, thank you very much. Yes, all the items ship worldwide. That's all taken care of in the store when you order. It will give you shipping options. Click on the "shipping rates" link at the bottom of the store's page to check it out. Hooray!!!

Thanks so much Wynne.

ken said...


Lee said...

you got some sweet designs goin on

fin said...

The dog is cute