Saturday, March 11, 2006


Gotta love those subtle tats.
For Illustration Friday.

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Kelli Jensen said...

I really love your style of art, so simple, and I like the monochromatic colors. Great Work

Anonymous said...

Oooh, really wonderful image. Gorgeous lines.

Anonymous said...

I love your work, so fluid. - midgetbigot

Anonymous said...

Great illo and wonderful flowing lines.

Willie Baronet said...

Wonderful! Nice curves.

Sue Seibert said...

I like it. The lines and style are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! This would be an awesome tattoo!

Josh Parpan said...

very cool donnachada!

Kipp Schell said...

wow, your stuff is great! this one is awesome! said...

Wonderful illo again I LOVE YOUR LINES!!!

Kyle Marshall said...

I havent been here in a awhile, and wow, am i kciking myself for it. Beautiful work.

Lori Witzel said...

Sweet! Just enough, just the essence.

Tarik said...

great great great work!!!

Kmann said...

nice and simple. I like it.

Martin Wittig said...

man, you always make it look so simple!! Great stuff!!

The Unknown said...

Wow. That's awesome. So elegent.

Unknown said...

Beautiful and elegant!! Love the delicated tattoo on the character!! Great design!

donnachada said...

Thanks Kelli and Giles. I appreciate the comments.

Migitbigot, thank you. Now there's a name you don't see every day.

Cheers Willie and Sioux.

Catrave, glad you think so.

Hey Josh, good to see you around.

Hey Kipp, glad you like it.

Always good to see you Virginia.

Cool Kyle, I appreciate it.

Lori, yes, the essence is all you need.

Thanks Tarik.

Hey Yacin, coming from you, that is wonderful indeed. So glad to know you drop by.

Wow, Kelsey, thanks for visiting. I really like your work man.

Martin, glad you think so.

Thanks unknown.

Thanks so much Alina. Alway appreciate the kind words.

Whew!!!! Cheers for all the comments. That makes me happy.