Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wide Eyes

Here's a random sketch from my sketch pad. I have sketch books, but most of the time I just use photocopy paper on one of those clip boards. I don't feel restricted using it as I can just discard anything I don't want, and picking up a block of copy paper has a more open feeling to it. Long gone are the days when a blank sheet of paper was the enemy. Just get loads of blank paper and let rip.
This sketch came out of seeing the same model in different ads that seemed to have eyes wider apart than the norm. I've done a few of this type of pose/theme. Maybe it will be this weeks theme. Oh yeah, I still use pencils, pens and a fave at the moment, the china marker. I've been enjoying taming illustrator, but you gotta love the feeling of real materials.

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Mob said...

I kind of randomly stumbled across your blog, just wanted to say what nice work you have, very confident, clean lines...simple and beautiful.

donnachada said...

Thanks Mob. Glad you stumbled. cheers for the comment.

Elliot Cowan said...

This is now officially the best thing you've posted yet.
Very fine.

donnachada said...

Thanks so much Elliot. I somehow knew that you'd appreciate this one. That's another style completly.