Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bag Lady

I'm very happy to see Dave Pimentel blogging. Not only is he one of the story heads, but he also teaches our gesture drawing class at Dreamworks, and boy is he good. Walt Stanchfield was his teacher and now we are lucky enough to have him pass on the knoweledge to us. Very, very lucky. So go look and give him some love. His drawings are amazing, poses beautiful, and I'm really glad he's sharing his work now to all.

Ok, enough arse'n around with the random sketches and half thoughts. Have a finished illustration for a change.

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R.A. MacNeil said...

Lovely drawing. I like how you've handled the hand and the elbow.


Carlos Badillo said...

great line!!

Carlos Ruano said...

Welln done!!!I wonder what makes her smile this way...

donnachada said...

Thanks Ryan, Carlos and Carlos R.
Appreciate the comments.
She knows something we don't Carlos.

Jenny Lerew said...

This, and the four later ones "above" it on the blog---fantastic(as always)! It becomes hard to find new adjectives, seriously. : )
I'll see one whilst scrolling down, and think "this is the best yet!"--then I get to the next, and the next, etc....I think this may be my fav of the four. Not that I should have to choose.
What fascinates me is how you can achieve such movement in a "static"(i.e. standing), solid pose. But that's the name of the game, isn't it?