Friday, April 28, 2006

Girl Friday

Ahhhh, yes, Friday again. Lookin' forward to the weekend. I think I'll spend it with her.

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Josh Parpan said...

positively fantastic!

Hans said...
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Hans said...

Hey Donnachada,

Hope you had a nice weekend with the lovely lady:)
Love these designs, so feminine and rhythmic. Is it done in PhotoShop or what are you using?

I'm looking forward to seeing "Over The Hedge", which character(s) did you work on? and what project are you on now?

I'll add you to my links when I get home:)


Freshyfresh said...

Wow!Your work is great! Simple but fantastic!

* ShirKa _. said...

Incredible! i like everything what you to do !!
i love all !!
it´s very niceeee

Jafar said...

Your lines are magical...they express the action, emotion and persona so well! Love your style!

Take care :o)

Louie del Carmen said...

Better late than never... but congrats on your new baby boy!

Antonio Santamaria said...

Fantastic... You have the rhythm!!! Your lines flow like the music! They are perfect!
It's a pleasure to see your work!

Ben Reynolds said...

Wow....really cool gestural drawings..right on man..keep it up!

donnachada said...

Cheers Josh.

Thanks Shari, glad you found me. Always good to know of regular readers.

Hey Hans, yes indeed I did. I use Illustrator for these type of images.
I worked on all the characters for "Hedge". We go by chunks of scenes instead of just working on one character. Who ever is in the scene is who we need to animate.
Right now I'm working on both "Bees" and "Flushed Away". Appreciate the link. got to add you too.

Hey Stefanie, thanks for dropping by. Love your work too.

Laura, glad you like what I'm doing.

Jafar, good to see you again. Appreciate the kind comments.

Louie, much appreciated. Never too late.

Cheers Ben. Will do.