Saturday, June 10, 2006


Cool, I'll keep putting up some of the older sketches every once in a while. Now back to the stuff I'm doing now. This girl reminded me of a bottle of wine. I wonder if she's sweet or tarty.

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MikeS said...

Great proportions, Donnachada. Very appealing.

sam michlap said...

These are fantastic!!! I just found your blog and will link you. I love the energy you've captured.

justinpatrickparpan said...

That’s one slinky dame, I really like this one a lot. And like I’ve said a million times before, your expressions are really remarkable. Great work

Elliot Cowan said...

Oh they're always a bit of both aren't they?

donnachada said...

Cheers Mike, glad the appeal is there.

Hey Samuel, thank you very much. I appreciate the link. You'll find yours linked on mine to. I love your work.

Hey Justin, Not a bad expression for three strokes.

Ha, Elliot, a sweet tart.

Willie Baronet said...

Very nice, like any good wine. :-)

Uli Meyer said...

Beautiful and simple. Difficult to do but you've done it!

donnachada said...

Thanks Rrramone, methinks she my have a bit of a bite in the morning.

Thanks very much Uli. Glad to see you like it. Yup, the simple ones take me so much longer to do. Appreciate it.

Unknown said...

My GOD!! just totally mindlowing on earth will you get this 2d like fluidity in 3D. Am myself a trained 2D guy now stepping into Maya animation. What size are these paintings...and are they live studies?

TheTart said...

She is quite the TART!!!

Big smooches,
The Cheap Tart
; )

BTW .. Rrramone sent me your way!