Sunday, August 06, 2006


Experimenting again. I haven't done too much colour stuff, but I had a bunch of fun doing this quick colour splash. It's nice to have inspiration from the fab Kevin Dart.
I'll be oogling his prints for a long time to come.
Also, go visit my friend Kevin Maclean for all your stop motion goodness. He just started his own corner of blogland.
And so to today's offering.....

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Josh Parpan said...

This is great donnachada! Bold lines and color, It's so eye catching, I love it!

Willie Baronet said...

Dude, very nice!! Love this style almost as much as your usual stuff. :-)

Unknown said...


Scott Wright said...

ooo...something new.....I likey

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Something different!I like it! Hmmmm what did you put in your coffee this morning?

Jason said...

This is such a dark palette compared to you other posts. Rich and thick, still, the lines are strong and flowing. Well done....keep it up.

R.A. MacNeil said...

Nice energy. I like the the colors and energy in the line. Tip top.


Anonymous said...

I like it, keep up the good work!

donnachada said...

Thanks Josh, glad you like it.

Cheers Rrramone.

Alina, thanks again.

w, nice to see you like the change.

You too Scott and Jeremy.

Jason, yes, much darker. A different feeling altogether. Thank you.

Cheers Ryan, nice to see you like the ruffer lines.

Rehab, thanks.

ivaylo said...

Very powerful piece,
donnachada! Beautiful as hell!