Thursday, October 26, 2006


So the Screenwriters Expo 2006 featuring Pixar was on at the weekend. A good day indeed. To see what was going on, check out Kevin's two posts on the event (click here for part two). Also, Louie also has a review and some pics.
And whoever said the can't find a pose to draw. Back of a head anyone? No problem. That's just candy to Jeremy's eyes. He was a drawing fiend that day, so check out his great sketchbook of his take on events.

Got lot's of things cooking. Here's one just off the frying pan...

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Elliot Cowan said...

This curvy girl needs some arms, Don.

donnachada said...

Yes indeed, I have been known to loose a limb or two in my drawings. No wonder she looks so sad.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Beautiful drawing Double D! Thanks for the kind words.

Unknown said...

lovely free style!

Insertname said...

Sweet touch!

Patrick said...


Scott Wright said...

Awesome one! Love it...I want to buy this one!

donnachada said...

Hey W, ha, I would like to think so. I may revise this though and add the arms in.

Cheers Jeremy, you're welcome. The sketches you did were well deserved.

Thanks Alina.

Hey Simon, you're back. Hooray. I'll see you around the halls.

Hey Elaine, yup,always trying to do something else so I can keep learning. Gotta work some stories into these images. You story guys make it look easy.

Thanks Patrick, appreciate you dropping by.

Cheers Scott, I may just have to print this one up then. Glad you like it that much.

kcirbuk said...


Paco K.

Anonymous said...


Really, Donnachada--I'm running out of repetitive english for these!
This is really gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites. Bloomin lovely form and a style of its own.

Sexy too!

Thanks for inrtoducing me to customising the ol' blog template I've been having a good old fiddle.

Have a happy crimbo matie.