Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Sunny today, so I'll pop this one up before the weather changes.

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Sam Nielson said...

Wow. I just can't get enough of your swoopy line work. You have an amazing knack for simplification and design.

Scott Wright said...

These last few are totally awesome. Looks like you're pushing the it!

Alexandra Boiger Illustration said...

Just great line design! So fluid, so beautiful. Wow!

MikeS said...

On this cloudy day, it sure brightened my day. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I really love the way you use simple lines to depict figures! marvellous.. :)

donnachada said...

Thanks you very much Sam.

Cheers Scott.

Hey Alexandra, glad you like it.

Anything bright is good on a cloudy day Mike. Good to know it had that effect.

Thanks Yuin. Appreciate you stopping by. Thanks for the mention.

Ron said...

Great colors, great line of action!