Wednesday, November 08, 2006

California Girl

Flushed Away just opened here!!! It was certainly nice to animate in the Aardman style. It's always great to learn a different style of animating. I miss the lads from Bristol though. Hope you all like the film.

For now though, here's the midweek pic for the day.

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kcirbuk said...

Wonderful Donnachada!!!

Paco K.

Unknown said...

Ooo... I like this one. it's very "designy"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for animating me Donnachada. I had fun shocking Roddy! That bloke's a pansy!

Elliot Cowan said...

It's been getting good reviews.
I initially wasn't really interested in it but have changed my mind.

Boris Hiestand said...

me too! was disappointed they didn't do it in stop motion and from the trailer gathered it was yet another burp-and-fart-one-liner-pop-culture
-annoying-character-with-no-purpose-in-your face kind of film, but I've seen clips and am now definately going to see it.
Must have been fun working on!

donnachada said...

Cheers again Paco K. Really do appreciate it.

You too Bobby. Yep, it's more designy than some of the others.

Shocky, what are you doing here? Nice pic when I followed your name. Eh, you're welcome. Now careful with those crocodile clips.

Cool Elliot, let me know what you think when you see it.

Yup Boris, there are some burps etc. in there. Glad you are still going to see it. There are some really clever pieces in it. Yup, loads of fun. Learnt lots with this style. Now if only I could get my hands on some of thse stop motion rigs. I'd love to try that.

donnachada said...

Hey Clio,
so glad you like it that much. good to hear you liked flushed. :)