Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moleskine Traveler

So I'm just back from a few days in Ireland. Thanks to blogger drafts you wouldn't even know I was gone. Haha.
I finally got a small Moleskine sketch book for myself. It was more out of necessity than anything else. A quick preflight trip to the artstore and hey presto, new sketch book.
I never bothered with them before 'cos most of my sketches are done on cheapo copy paper. And then there's that thing about drawing on something which may restrain you for fear of sketching something crap. Well I saw it, and it fit in my pocket, so what the hell. As long as I promised myself just to think of it as copy paper and not have a burden of "oooooohhhh, it's a Moleskine. I'd better be careful." Anyway, the next few posts will have images and thoughts from the new sketchbook and my trusty brush pen.

This girl was waiting to board the plane.

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Anonymous said...

Very very good drawing.

Anonymous said...


Boris Hiestand said...

did you get her in the end?

MondayMorgue said...

welcome back donnachada.

M. Hassan said...

Awesome drawing ..

MikeS said...

I just bought my first Moleskine sketchbook within the last month.

I'm with you, never kept a sketchbook, but until recently I started carrying them everywhere. It's actually a good thing to practice.

This drawing, is exceptional. Very nice brush work.

donnachada said...

Cheers Rene. glad to see you drop by so often.

Hey Bernie, I didn't know about that. I'll check it out right now. sounds like I'll be browsin for a while.

Thanks W.

Hey Boris, I don't know what you're talking about. What girl? I didn't see anything.

Cheers Morgan, good to see you today.

Thanks Tarabeeh. Glad you like it.

Hey Mike, you're too kind as usual. How'd you like the Moleskines?

MikeS said...

I sent you an email....