Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eye Candy From Strangers

Heads up!!!! Get them HERE before they are all gone. I believe these are flying off the shelves of Brand Studio Press. Be sure to get yours early in the Comic Con season or even better, secure your copies before they disappear.

Alberto has done it yet again with his wonderful books and this time he has brought together a large section of talent who love to draw ladies for the first two books and more books are planned. I'm honored to have one of my most minimal images in the second volume. It was a happy day when I got them in the mailbox.

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Unknown said...

Those are some great books. I got myself a copy as well. Hopefully I'll submit something for the next one!

chhuy-ing said...

It looks terrific!
And great studies in your previous post. The girl is so delicate and elegant as usual in your work ;)

Dee said...

YEY! Great Cover!

Justin Ridge said...

Nice! Congrats on getting your piece in there! I'll have to get me a copy soon.... Can't wait to see your new book at Comic Con as well!