Monday, July 07, 2008

Live Color, 3D Color Mixing

Thank you so much for the comments and the emails I got over the last few days. I can feel the moment it clicked for you and that makes me really happy. Thanks also to Drawn! for spreading the news. Glad to have you here if you headed over from this great site.

Well, I promised you in the last post that the 3D illustrations wouldn't be the only thing I've been doing with my work. Want to see some colors you've never seen before? So here's the kicker. You don't need color to be premixed for you. Your mind can do it, and it will look alive and vibrant as the left and right side of your brain piece it together.

If you missed the last post, a simple 3 STEPS will get you on the right track to see my images in 3D. More info after the pic.....

Who knew you could have so much fun with a copyright notice. 3D and color mixing. That will add some life to it.

The new book "Depth Charge, 3D Illusions" contains a bunch of color mixing 3D illustrations. This one is an easier one to get started on.
There are still some surprises in the book so drop by my table B8 at the San Diego Comic Con and I'll show you.

That's not all. The next post will have info on some of the goodies I'll be bringing with me.

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samacleod said...

Yeah, man! Brilliant! Can't wait! The book looks fantastic!

Jenny Lerew said...

Hello! I just got yer message--I can't make the shindig, damn...but wow, such beautiful stuff here!

I will only be able to be in SD on the Friday but I'll do my best to shove my way over to your table. Hope all's well with you--you've sure been busy! Lovely!