Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone. This is one of Santa's helpers. Hope you've been good. Thanks for visiting this ol' blog through the year and if you took the time to leave a comment or two, well, you just make my day :)

This will probably be the last post of the year. What an interesting year art wise it was for me. Three of the highlights...... my 3D images and book changed everything for me and I met a ton of new people because of it. I had the honour of been asked to be part of The Totoro Forest Project, and I had a Gallery show. What a rockin' year. Thanks all for the support.
I just joined Facebook too, so if you're in there look me up.

I'll see you all after the holidays!

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IamOSI said...

Happy Holidays, bro! And have a Happy New Year!

Chris Palmer said...

Happy Holidays Donnachada! Thanks for all the helpful tips to everyone during the semester on ACME Animation. You are inspiring and really nice to help out students. Glad I found your blog. Amazing work!