Monday, March 09, 2009

March Girl 3D

Hello all. Monday again. Time to stretch those eye muscles! If you're new here from metting you at WonderCon, Welcome!!! Glad to have you here. Come back every Monday for a new 3D image.
To see this image in 3D without the glasses, read the quick How To See My 3D Illustrations.

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David Colman said...

so great to have finally met you in person WC 09....when my wife and IU get settled in new house I would definitely love to meet up for coffee or a pint

Anonymous said...

Hey I just found your blog and I really do enjoy your work. Though I remember doing those magic eye pictures way back I didn't actually think/or know that you could create 3d drawings like that. Anyway regardless of the dimensions, I love your figures and style. I have a little med daily doodle site and I'm always searching the web for ideas (when I should be studying). Anyway compliments on the work and I'll be sure to drop in from time to time.

Niki Kehoe said...

I am loving the greens. This piece is so great