Friday, January 08, 2010

The Girls

The real life originals continue. What's on my desk today? Here you go....By the way, if you sign up on Facebook for my Scullery Press Fan Page, you'll get all my posts right into your news feed soon after I post anything here. Don't miss out on any updates again.
Onwards and upwards....

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Jelter said...

this brushwork is really impressive. i wish i could edit that well.

Draw-people said...

Oh my god! I love the outlined design you did here. It is so sophisticated looking as well as charming and elegant. Nice job!

donnachada said...

Thanks Ben, that means a lot!

Very kind of you "Draw People"! Glad you found me.

Unknown said...

Beautiful work! Reminds me of my girlfriends' hairs I sometimes find in the shower.