Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maybe It's In The Blood!

Maybe It's In The Blood!

So this took me completely by surprise. It turns out that a technique I use is thought to have been used by the monks that wrote The Book of Kells! It's all to do with the way I look at the image, and there is a natural magnification that occurs that they believe the monks used when drawing the incredible detail in The Book of Kells.

Tomm Moore, the director of The Secret of Kells, the Irish film that received an Academy Award Nomination for this year's Best Animation Oscar, pulled me aside and said, "Hey, did your hear that a professor uncovered that the monks may have used your technique for The Book of Kells?" Amazing!

Part of the plot of "The Secret of Kells" involves a crystal that the monks used as a magnifying glass to get all the detail in there. No one was really sure how the did it...until now. So, maybe being Irish, and growing up there, has something to do with coming up with the 3D Stereogram art.

Here's the article.....
Researcher uncovers secrets of Kells 'angels'

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