Monday, June 28, 2010

Stereogram Bootcamp Week

For those that have never been able to see stereograms...It's Stereogram Bootcamp Week!

I know there are a lot of people who have never been able to see any stereograms, so this week I have 5 easy steps, one each day, so you can overcome this.

By Friday, you should be able to see my work float off the screen.

Bootcamp Day 1.

(As always, click the image to make it bigger)

For this image, all you need to do is cross your eyes a little bit.... just until the two circles merge together in the middle.

Just cross your eyes enough to see three circles. If you see four, you've crossed your eyes too much.

That's all there is to the training for today! Practice for a short time only. If your eyes get tired, give them a rest and try again later. Gradually, your eyes will get stronger and you'll be able to see the merged image for as long as you want to.

There is no 3D in this image....I just want you to get these shapes to join on top of each other.

When you see three of the same circle shape. Just try to concentrate on the middle one and get that one into focus.

Tomorrow, more training.

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