Wednesday, July 07, 2010

3D Stereogram, Palm Trees

Cross your eyes just enough to see three images and you'll see the middle image in 3D. Click the image to make it bigger.

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Willie Baronet said...

that's crazy! And I just saw toy story 3!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my…That was the trippiest thing I have ever done with my eyes. Those creatures standing under palm trees. They are drawn in such a way that they actually move when you cross your eyes. To my utter amazement a third creature appeared between them; or I actually saw a triple image of the palm tree denizens. My eye muscles still hurt from forcing them to cross, but this optical trick was worth the pain. That’s an incredibly clever idea. It seems that your entire site is full of clever ideas and art . Certain double drawings are more adaptable to crossing your eyes and seeing multiple, triple and quadruple images. Love the stereogram boot camp. Can you imagine the people viewing your site sitting around being viewed by their family and friends? Mesmerized the watcher’s eyes are crossed in front of your clever computer image; now multiply that by the number of hits your site gets every day. Wow that’s a lot of crossed eyes out there.