Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Two items of news for you today!

The new year brought with it a clear direction and with that, an overhaul of my work and blog. The images I make in stereo widely range in theme and topic so it was hard to place things for different groups all in the one blog.

So, I started a website just for the more kid friendly images!

Kango Bango is The Home of Stereo Art and 3D Art for Kids.

Can your kids see in stereo? Give them a go and see what happens.

And what's part two of the news?

Scullery Press is my independent publishing venture. Now, with newsletters, images of the day, exclusive competitions, giveaways and all the rest, it has to be all in the one spot to manage it better. Everything is imported from here, so please head over to Scullery Press.

Keep in touch the easy way by letting me find you through the Scullery Press Updates.

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