Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blue Tree

Weeeeeeee, colour!
I started messing about with photoshop a while ago. Mainly to start dabbling in colour. Granted, you don't have the paint to
put onto a canvas, but the ease of using this as a learning tool was a huge deal for me. For the majority of the time, I was
animating away with a blue pencil, I hardly touched anything that had to do with painting, wheather it was traditional or digital. Using this tool allowed me to just freely experiment. and it opened up a whole new area to me. One of the reasons for starting this blog is to see where I can go with all this experimenting and look at it over time and see how it evolves and what directions I can take it. This pic was from a while ago, but I thought I'd pop it up anyway.
Loads of fun. Colour doodles.

copyright Donnachada Daly 2005
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