Sunday, January 08, 2006

Doodle for the day

Taking my brush pen out for a walk. I thought you might like to see a scratchy ruff.

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Oscar Grillo said...

Dear Donnachada:
I am a bit of a "tourette" in matter of names and today I went for a walk in the park under the rain singing all the way: "Ooooohh...Donnachada is a guy very spe-ciaal, tra la la laaaah!"
With the music of "I have a lovely bunch of coconuts"
-Sorry, mate!!!
Do you work with Dave Burgess by any chance?

donnachada said...

Hey Oscar, hahah, oh no, I'll be singing that song all day now :)
Yes indeed, I've worked with Dave for a few years now. A very fine animator. Where did your paths cross? Did he ever work with you?

Oscar Grillo said...

I was going to reply about Dave (Yes, we worked together many years ago in London)but I've got distracted by the word verification of this comment: "BUDGA"!

Josh Parpan said...

So great! I really love this one! the two together create a wonderful shape.

donnachada said...

Hey Josh, glad you like it