Monday, January 09, 2006

Out For A Walk

And today I'm taking a different set of lines out for a walk.

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Scott Wright said...

love the face on this one.

willipino said...

very cool

Katie McDee said...

I just love your stuff ... You Rock!

MikeS said...

You walk a fine line, Donnachada! Poor humour, I know.

Elliot Cowan said...

You stole my joke Smook, you swine.

MikeS said...

Sorry, Elliot; but it does please me so. That doesn't happen to often for me.

donnachada said...

Thanks Scott and Willi. Glad you dropped by.
Thanks Lorraine.
Good to see your blog Katie.
That's funny Mike.
That's even funnier Elliot. I hate when someone steals your joke.

Unknown said...

This is lovely!! Elegant!

Process Junkie said...

Sweet, efficient and expressive!

Kudos, I'm loving your latest doodles!!