Friday, March 03, 2006

Off The Shoulder

And here is todays offering to the cartoon gods.

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Unknown said...

you are a master of line! I love the movement you convey. Great stuff

Martin Wittig said...

Beautiful again!!! such an elegant line, and it captures so much!

Unknown said...

prettyyyy drawing!

Steve Simpson said...

Really Fluid

Elliot Cowan said...

And the cartoon gods accept your sacrifice....

Josh Parpan said...

Nice one Donnachada!

donnachada said...

Cheers Mel, you're too kind. Glad you like it.

Thanks Martin.

Haha, Harry. I appreciate it

Hey Rebecca, thanks. I just use what I need.

Hey Alina, lovely looking work you're doing yourself lately.

Steve, thanks for dropping by. Love the profile pic.

Cool Elliot, I'm saved for another day.

Josh, good of you to say so.

Unknown said...
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