Monday, May 08, 2006


Yesterday's image turned out a wee bit darker on other computer screens than I initially thought. Here's a brighter pic for today.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. Good to see you back now and then. Hope you're getting some rest!

Hans said...

Beautiful stuff, would make a great poster. Do you work freelance besides being at the studio, how long have you been with DreamWorks and what did you do before that?

Hope you don't mind all my questions, I just find it interesting to know how people ended up at the different studios of my interest. From what I've heard it should be a pretty nice place to work, but it's always good to hear from someone actually working there:) I'm thinking about submitting my portfolio to DreamWorks sometime within the next weeks.

Thanks, and have a great day,


kcirbuk said...

Great very nice!!


Paco K.

Hans said...

Oh yes and I meant to ask you, do you know Jacob Jensen? There's not too many Danes in the business over here, so i've been trying to get in contact with the few.

Take care,


R.A. MacNeil said...

Great great great.

Yup, I like this one.


Mark said...

Hey takes a real talent to pull this stuff're very good indeed!

Boris Hiestand said...

Hey Hans, try contacting Jacob personally on his blog:

He does this together with Fabio Lignini and some other gurus over there. fantastic work.

love today's sketch Donnachada!
you sure know how to portray the ladeez. definately worth a pint.

Unknown said...

Pretty hair, someone should put this on a hair product!!

donnachada said...

Hey Wendela. Good to see you too. Yup, sleep in bits and pieces.

Thanks Hans, I don't do any freelance work. Ha, I barely have time to do this. I've been at Dreamworks for about 10 years. Before that I was at Warner Bros. Classics Animation, and Rich Animation and Bluth.
I see Boris gave you the blog address for Jacobs and the other guys blog.
Thanks Boris for that. I didn't get a chance to check the blog lately.
Best of luck with the portfolio. It is a cool place, so you heard correctly.
Yes I know Jacob well. I'll let him know you might be leaving him a note. Cheers man.

Thanks Paco, always nice to hear your comments. Glad you like it.

Ryan, thanks man.

Mark, you're too kind. I wish I could paint like you.

Cheers Boris, thanks for giving the link to Hans. Hopefully I'll have that pint with you someday :0)

Thanks Alina, ha, yes wouldn't that be nice to see. If you know of any large companies interested, let me know ;)