Monday, July 24, 2006


So little time, so many things to catch up on. Gotta etch out time to research and study. Hmmm, maybe I'll post a little less than usual. Not enough hours in the day. Still, managed to get this one out the door. Some days work better than others for me. Some days are just a struggle when every line just doesn't seem to work. The upside is that you learn a hell of a lot more from those days, even though it may take a while to work it out and figure out why things aren't working.
So finally, here's Greeny. She was high maintanance......

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Jason Lethcoe said...

What I like about this one is that in spite of the struggle, you managed to capture a drawing that feels effortless and flowing. I like the simplicity of her form. Way to go! You "pushed through" and got a great piece!

Thanks for the nice post on my blog by the way.

justinpatrickparpan said...

Charming character design, Donnachada. Its very peaceful, very calming.

R.A. MacNeil said...



Elliot Cowan said...

She looks like she'd be terrific from behind...

donnachada said...

Thanks very much Jason. It pushed back a few times I can tell you. It's a good feeling when it works. cheers man, you're welcome.

Hey Justin, funny, that's the opposite to how I was feeling when I did it :)
Hey, I saw a few pics of you and the bro on some sites about the comic con.
Unfortunatly, I missed it, but it was good to see the photos.

Cheers Sim-r. Another visit. Glad you drop by.

Thanks Ryan.

Elliot, maybe I'll do a 180 for you...maybe I'll leave it to your vibrant imagination.

Elliot Cowan said...

oh I have a very vivid imagination.