Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Evening Post

Catching up on my blog reading after my trip. So little time to look at so much work. I'm always amazed and humbled.
Browsing around I came across someone I used to work with at Bluth.
Barry Atkinson
has just started a blog. I wish I picked his brain about painting at the time because his bg work is fantastic. Then you'll see his sculpts. I remember been blown away when I saw some of his work up close. Go there now. I can't wait to see what he shares with us. Cool Barry, welcome to blogland.

Here's my Saturday Evening Post.......

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Anonymous said...

Artistic blog!!

justinpatrickparpan said...

Fine work as always.

To bad you didnt make it to the con last week. Its a fine event, and a chance to meet some great artists.

Mabey we'll catch you there next year?

Jafar said...

I must admit, I see the most magical lines on this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I would like to see some different designs on this blog. I think you are a very talented artist but you do the same things on every post, more or less. Please don´t take it badly, because I´m a fan of this blog from many time ago.


donnachada said...

Thank you anonymous.

Cheers Justin. Yeah, I sorry I missed it, and all the artists and fellow bloggers. Looks like loads of you hooked up. I'll be there for sure next year.

Thanks Jafar. That made my day.

Hey Sam, well, it hasn't been too long since I posted up some sketches. Only about 10 posts ago. Glad you like them enough to want to see other stuff. I'll be popping some different stuff in from time to time so stay tuned. Next post is for you. :)

Maria said...

I love your girls. They are delicate but sexy. With your permission I would like to post some. I'll credit of course. Your link is already a favourite and is on my blog. I don't think you do the same thing post after post. In fact you always surprise me... I love each line, I like the colours, and I like the love you put in your work. It's the first time I comment because I'm no artist and I felt that I shouldn't give an opinion... But what the hell! I admire your work!

have a nice life