Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Wow, too many things going on, too little time. Another month and everything will be back to normal. So now that the Comic Con is over, where can you get a copy of 'CRUSH"?
It will be available here mid September.

Until then, it will be available online at the fantastic
It’s so new it might not be listed yet, but you can contact them and ask for

If you're local to L.A. you can pick up a copy at the well known and often frequented 'cos it's so good
HOUSE OF SECRETS at 1930 W. Olive Avenue, in Burbank.

Also available from the very cool and famed
NUCLEUS GALLERY at 30 West Main Street
Alhambra, California. They will also have it available online soon.

I'll add more places as time goes on.

Now to keep things moving, back to drawing.......

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kaunchen said...

They are truely beautiful line and curves. cute cute girls!!

Mauro Vargas said...

Congratulations for your art, is stilized, fresh, fantastic!
Greetings from Argentina!

Jason Lethcoe said...

I like the greens on this one. Nice!

Kei Acedera said...

I just love your book Donnachada! just gorgeous designs.

Anonymous said...

Hey you!
It's been AGES. Just back for my weekly dose of the Daly Blog.
Hope all is well :)

Unknown said...

lovely drawings as usual! I'll have to get a print off you for the studio at next year's comicon

donnachada said...

Thanks Wynne.

Cheers Mouro, appreciate it. Greetings to Argentina.

Hey Jason, good to see you dropping by. Where's the paperwork gone?

Hey Kei, thanks so much. Hope you had fun in Chicago. Wish I was there.

Hey Elaine. Miss you.

Cheers Bobby, there'll be one with your name on it. Hope all went well for the latest con.

Heidi Smith said...

Wonderful designs!! I love this one especially, the dramatic lighting is incredible!!