Tuesday, August 26, 2008


All pre-orders have shipped and are on their merry way. Oh, and they also contain a little extra something :)

So to celebrate the online release, FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, ending MIDNIGHT, SEPT 2nd 08, if you order from me ONLY with the paypal button on the side bar, not only will you get a drawing on the inside page, you will receive a random couple of my new DAYDREAMER CARDS with your shiny new purchase.....

Yup, give your eyes a breather and place 'em where you need to to get those eye muscles working for ya.

It's also available on Amazon.com (WITHOUT the special daydreamer offer) here.
For anyone who already has the book, don't hesitate to write an honest review on Amazon. Word of mouth is starting to grow and I'm really surprised how much of a social book it has turned out to be. The couple of shipments I made have already sold in pre-order. Not to worry. I've just sent a new shipment to them, so if it shows up as temporarily out of stock, it should only be a few days until they have it back in.

Enjoy the book my friends.

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Unknown said...

Your book is too cool. Kei and I look at it all the time :)

Nathan Fowkes said...

I've been enjoying your display over at grandview.

donnachada said...

That's so great to hear Bobby. That's the goal of the book :) I hope you'll
be looking at it for years. I'm really happy to hear that.

Cheers Nathan, good to see you around these parts.