Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Previews

Well, the online release date for DEPTH CHARGE, 3D ILLUSIONS is right around the corner. Any orders made directly through my Scullery Press site or the link on the side bar, will get the bonus of an illustration on the first page of the book. Yay!!!

Where can I get it right now? Is it in any stores yet? Good question. I'm very pleased to have this book in the great House Of Secrets in Burbank and also in the very cool Lula Mae in Pasadena.
Stuart Ng Books, has copies available at his showroom of unbelievable books and also online. And for those in the Bay area, you can pick up a copy at the fab Comic Relief in Berkley.
More bookstores and boutiques are on the way so stay tuned. Hooray!!!

Hope you all had a good week. Give your eyes an exercise and a rest from your usual monitor viewing by using the instructions HERE to see the illustration above in 3D without those 3D glasses.

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Boris Hiestand said...

I cursed, I screamed, I shouted, ranted and raved. But then, all of a sudden, I could see it!
Love the effects, it'd really fun.

Is it good for your eyes though I wonder? ;)

Would love to see more.

donnachada said...

Glad you could see it Boris. Now you can do it, check out the previous posts.
And yes, it is good for your eyes. Why? Because you are using your eye muscles differently. Think of it as exercising your eyes. On some of the pieces, I've put some complex elements in them so that you will be focusing on lots of different areas and your eyes will focus through all the different depth cues.
Also, the further you are away from the image, the more depth there will be.