Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stereogram Bootcamp, Day 3

Welcome to Stereogram Bootcamp, day 3 (of 5).

Great, so, from the previous day, we now know that there are two ways of looking at a stereogram...Cross-eyed viewing and Staring Through. Both these ways of looking at the images are called "Free Viewing" or "Free Fusion", the latter being the more correct one because you are literally joining the images together freely.

On we go to today's lesson. This image again has no 3D illusion in it, and again we're just practicing and getting used to joining the images together. This image has a little more going on in it, and gives the eyes a little more to look at.

You can view this image by using both the cross eyed method or the stare through method. The stare through method is also called Parallel Viewing.

As before, try using both techniques. You may prefer one method over the other.

1. Cross eye viewing...

This image has more items ...... and it also has a variety to their placement. Again, cross your eyes a little bit.... just until the two rows merge together in the middle.

Once they merge on top of each other, try to hold your focus and look at each part of the middle row. (When you have your eyes crossed, you will see three rows for this image. If you see four've crossed your eyes too much)

2. Stare through the image...

For this technique, your focus point is behind your screen.

A good way to get used to this is to look at your reflection in the screen while you have the image up in front of you. When you do that, your focus is behind the image.

As with the cross eyed viewing, once both images merge on top of each other, try to hold your focus and look at each part of the middle row. (You should see three rows once everything is lined up. If you see four rows, you have focused to far behind the image.)

There is a little bit more to look at in this image, and you'll be able to practice looking at each section to get your eyes used to looking around without loosing focus on the middle, merged image.

As always, click the image to make it bigger. Only two days left to go we finish the exercises!
Can't wait to hear how you do.

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