Thursday, July 01, 2010

Stereogram Bootcamp, Day 4

Stereogram Bootcamp, Day 4.

Excellent, only one day left. It makes me so happy to hear that this has been working, so keep sending the messages.

Now for the lesson for today. Easy day four!

This image uses both techniques....The cross eye way and the stare through way. (Both covered in the previous lessons in case you're playing catch up)

All the same rules apply. Either cross your eyes until the two rows merge or fuse together, OR stare through (zone out or look at your reflection in your screen to look past the image)

Again, this image has no 3D illusion in it, we're just practicing and getting used to joining the images together and training your eyes to look around while keeping focus.

Once the image merges and you can focus on it, try looking at each part separately. There's a little more detail, more points to look at and a touch of the background coming through each petal..... it gives something more for the eye to latch onto when trying to get it in focus.

If the image is a little out of focus, your eyes will adjust to it and usually will get the focus in a very short period of time. Amazingly, and a surprise to me when I first started showing my work, some people who wore glasses found it worked much better when they removed their normal glasses and tried it with the naked eye.

Everyone has a different experience, which adds to the fun. When I started doing this, I could easily do the stare through technique, but the cross eye method always was fuzzy at first, and then slowly the image focused. Now it clicks into place fully focused. I wish I had my eyes tested before I started doing this. I'm finding that I barely use my glasses now, where I used to use them all the time.

That's it for this lesson! One more to go. Click the image to make it bigger.
See you tomorrow for the last day :)

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