Friday, July 02, 2010

Stereogram Bootcamp, Day 5. Final Day!

Graduation Day today for everyone taking the easy 5 day Stereogram Bootcamp. Hooray!

So, now you can put what you know into practice. This is the day I've added the 3D part to the stereograms. Use the techniques from the previous lessons and apply it here. For those who have never been able to see a stereogram, this might be the day you do it.

I'll give you two of the same image....the first one is for the cross eye method, and the second image is for the stare through (parallel) method.

Congrats on reaching the final step. After you merge the images together, you'll be able to see all my 3D stereogram illustrations. They are all based on the same technique where you merge or fuse the side by side images together.

This image has a little bit of everything...detail areas where your eyes can jump around to and of course 3D, where now your eyes will be able to focus on
different depths within the image too. You'll be able to practice focusing on the flower in the front of everything and then switching focus to the dots behind everything.

Let me know how it worked for you through Facebook, Twitter, email or comments. I'd love to hear your stories. Once you get this working for you, try some of my other 3D stereograms. There's a handy "Top Stereogram Links" on the top left of the blog.
Have a good look around...and through the images.

Hope you enjoyed the series and I hope I've opened up a new dimension for you.
Click the images to make them bigger.

Cross Eye Viewing Image below

Stare Through (Parallel) Viewing below


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