Saturday, July 14, 2007

We Blog!

Here's our banner for the San Diego comic Con. We just received it the other day. Scott , Gabriele , Morgan , Jeremy and Jakob and myself will all be hanging around this sign, so look out for this image and drop by and say hello. We're all looking forward to seeing you there.

And here's a handy couple of maps so you get the idea where we are. Come on by to booth 831 and say hello. Also make sure you drop by Ted's blog. He's started to make a list of a whole bunch of artists who'll have tables. Here's where you'll find our "We Blog!" booth....

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ohmyalikins said...

i wish i could be there!
AWESOME banner!! YAY :)

Boris Hiestand said...

shame I'm so far away! Have a great time, and good luck with your book.